This home hosted Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas’ roka ceremony in 2018. Earlier, it was noted that Priyanka Chopra spent most of her time in the apartment’s living room. With her brothers, friends, and other family members, the superstar adored getting together here.


Elegant ivory couches with multicolored pillows are tucked away in a corner of the room. A small coffee table sits in the center. The floors are constructed of creamy, finely grained marble with a unique glossy texture that adds dimension to the room. Another distinct nook houses a serene white cabinet. A vintage glass chandelier adds an ethereal touch to an otherwise plain area.


The celebrity couple enjoys spending a lot of time in their comfortable living area, which offers a variety of seating options. It has floor to ceiling windows, ivory flooring, a stone fireplace, a short wooden coffee table, and plush cream sofas.

The background stone walls give the otherwise modern area a timeless beauty despite the fact that the entire area is decorated in shades of white, cream, tan, and brown. The location is great for bringing families together for joyful occasions and is brilliantly lit for lovely pictures.

A breathtaking view can be found in the backyard of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Los Angeles home. On one side of the home, there are views of the ocean, while on the other, there are mountains. The pair can unwind after a long day by using the infinity pool in this section. There is also seating and a comfortable area for their three dogs, Diana, Panda The Punk, and Gino. Here, the couple enjoys unwinding and spending time with their pets.

Priyanka Chopra showed her followers a glimpse of her powder room when she took the #SafeHands challenge from her LA home. The little room’s floral lighting and textured walls carry over the theme from the living area. The house is decorated in white and cream, while the bathroom and kitchen are all ivory inside.