How Katie Price turned her ‘dirty house’ into the mansion of her dreams and you can also

The incredible renovation of Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion was featured in the Channel 4 broadcast on Wednesday night.


The former glamour model, 43, who rebuilt the delipidated West Sussex home, said she is “really proud of what she achieved” in restoring the “happy home.”

The program concluded in a modern kitchen diner with pink sofas, a roaring fire, stunning lighting, and her children’s wonderful themed bedrooms.

Despite her arrest for violating her restraining order by referring to her ex-husband Kieran Hayler’s fiancée Michelle Penticost as a “gutter sl*g” in “abusive messages,” the reality star’s series aired as planned.

Before the cameras panned throughout the house to show off the gorgeous living area with soft pink and green velvet sofas overlooking the countryside, the large kitchen boasted modern facilities. The room was attractively furnished with candles and mirrors, which also made it light and roomy.

Princess’ 14-year-old room had a giant pink bed and a neon sign displaying her nɑme. She had cream seats, a cushioned bed, and a personalized closet.

Jett, eight, had his room turned into a jungle paradise with green and dark wood. Katie’s fiancé Carl was honored with a neon sign reading “Welcome to Pricey Woods” in the entrance hallway.

A large lip-shaped love seat and three matching pink dog figurines added vibrancy to the pink staircase bannister. Katie told her mother Amy and sister Sophie that she was happy of ‘what she had achieved’ in remodeling the house.

The famous person informed the cameras, “The journey of this house hasn’t just been about me, it’s been for my kids, my parents, and my sister.” We touched it together as a family. But this demonstrates that you can affect change, and I’m proud of what I’ve managed to do.

Katie added, ‘This is my land and my house, now the house is coming back together like I’m coming back together.

Formerly known as the Mucky Mansion, this is now my happy residence.
Katie joked that her breasts “don’t look like that now” after viewing one of her glamour modeling photographs.

Katie discovered a photo mug while searching through her lads magazine assignment posters and photographs. She said, “Isn’t it funny how you change?” Second mammary surgery. Since then, numerous.

Katie added, “My areolas no longer look like that! They have been terminated countless times.

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