How does Jeff Bezos’ superyacht embark on its journey despite facing backlash?

After completing her initial sea testing, the 417-foot sailing yacht Koru has reportedly been presented to Jeff Bezos, the wealthy founder of Amazon. The exquisite superyacht was built by Oceanco and presented to Mr. Bezos; according to reports, she has just returned from her maiden voyage.


The massive three-masted schooner set sail from the Netherlands to Gibraltar on April 6, 2023, after concluding sea trials in the North Sea in February. The ship is presently anchored in a harbor in Palma, which is located on the island of Mallorca in the Balearics.

Koru was transported from the shipbuilding site in Alblasserdam to Rotterdam last year using the Dutch canal system. The citizens of Rotterdam threatened to hurl eggs at one another in significant numbers when word got out that Oceanco intended to temporarily demolish a historic bridge. The maneuver was carried out to make room for her to pass because the boat was taller than the 131-foot maximum of the bridge. However, an alternate path was found to escape notice, and the boat sailed in the middle of the night.

The sailing yacht Koru, formerly known as Y721, is unique in numerous ways. She is the tallest sailing yacht in the world, surpassing Sea Cloud, a 357-foot Cox & Stevens sailing ship built in Germany in 1931 that is still in operation today as a luxury charter yacht and cruise ship, and has three masts over 230 feet tall (the same height as the Great Pyramid of Giza).

The launch of this vessel also moved Black Pearl from third to fourth place on our list of the largest sailing yachts in the world by outdistancing her by 69 feet in total length. With Sailing Yacht A still holding the top spot on the list of biggest sailing ships in the world (although genuine sailors distinguish Sailing Yacht A as a sail-assisted vessel), Koru is just barely surpassed by the heavyweight champion.

The obscenely large yacht is one of the world’s largest private vessels and the largest ever built in the Netherlands. She is also one of the most expensive privately constructed and acquired vessels ever. It is essential to note that the yacht’s price tag is a staggering $485 mιllιon , which is a high price even for Mr. Bezos’s extraordinary wealth.2

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